Gail Gregory

Gail Gregory was born in Chicago and attended Illinois Wesleyan University, School of Fine Art, for a B.F.A. degree. After immigrating to Canada, she joined Toronto’s Open Studio Co-operative Print Workshop in 1970 and took part in their first exhibition. She also took several art courses at Central Technical School. She exhibited in many venues and was represented by two commercial galleries while working for the Toronto Board of Education in the Professional Library.

After 1987 as Curator of the Sesquicentennial Museum with the Board’s Records, Archives and Museum, she oversaw the documenting and researching of many of the items in the Board’s Art Collection. This involved exhibitions at many levels, from student artwork to the major celebration at the Toronto Market Gallery where the influential book on the collection (Art for Enlightenment) was presented to the community. In 2000 she was able to retire to take up again her personal art work. She has shifted now from printmaking to watercolour painting, drawing and acrylic painting.

“I enjoy membership in Central Connection and in the Beach Guild of Artists. Each year I exhibit new, recent work in the shows sponsored by these groups and in additional local exhibitions with the Riverdale Art Group and other venues. I strongly believe in community art that is accessible in our neighbourhoods for everyone to see, enjoy and understand.

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I have been exploring non-objective painting as well as continuing my figurative work with humans, animals and even trees as our environment remains a deep concern. ”

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Wild Bike Race
Lightning Strike
Spring Flood
Winter Night
Feast of The Rosehips