Kay Paynter

Kay grew up in the tea-growing mountains of Ceylon and South India and was inspired by the island’s prominent classic-style artist, her uncle David Paynter, RA, OBE. At 18 she came to Canada, alone, for Teachers College and turned to work creatively with children in Toronto’s Primary and Kindergarten classrooms. Intermittently, she studied at the Artist’s Workshop and New School of Art, the University of Toronto (B.A. Anthropology and Fine Art), and the College Street Studio of the Academy of Arts Canada. In 2010, while living in British Columbia, she was juried into the Federation of Canadian Artists. She has exhibited in numerous group shows and has had solo shows in Toronto and Fort St. John B.C.

Since returning to Toronto, Kay has enjoyed the community of artists at Central Connection.


The natural world is my inspiration, and I am a keen observer of people. Landscapes often symbolize a “trip” or journey, whether a forest trail, alleyway, or road. This may be an element of composition, drawing the viewer into the picture; but it is also a metaphor for life’s onward movement. I strive to bring the wonder of creation to the awareness of the viewer, using intense colours, and a sense of joy and hope.

October’s Tribute
Winter Poplars
Suburbs at Sunset