David Bowring

David Bowring is a retired Anglican priest who has lived with his wife Elizabeth in the East End since 1980. He discovered his artistic gene three decades ago and has since been working his way through sketching, painting, and wood carving as a hobby and a spiritual search. He has trained at George Brown College, Central Tech, OCAD and Etobicoke Adult Centre. He has painted with Don Valley Art Club and Central Connection and has shown at St. Joan of Arc Church, Withrow Park Clubhouse, Todmorden Mills, W.S. Stewart Library, Stan Wadlow Clubhouse and St. Barnabas (Chester) Church.

Some of David’s pieces are displayed on www.Facebook.com /Pastoral Artist

David can be reached at david.m.bowring@gmail.com

Melting 3
Palermo Church Interior
Lady in Green Dress
Holding Spring in my Hands
Fractur Birds